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When she does this, golden steampunk-style gears are shown from where her face popped out. During this time: Hilda may create and launch a mini-tornado that will swirl towards the player's general direction before disappearing off-screen. Cuphead : Back to the Casino page The casino workers never had soul contracts. A lot happened so had to hold it off! She is a moderately tall, slender figure appearing as a blimp-like, humanoid-zeppelin hybrid. In Expert mode, the stars fly much faster and are harder to dodge. Description Revisit the colorful characters of the Inkwell Isles in this collection of brand new Cuphead and Mugman tales! She wears a cherry-red shirt with a darker-red lower half, and crimson, puffy sleeves, as well as a salmon skirt and matching ballet flats.

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In Expert mode, the stars home in for a longer time. In her constellation phases, Gemini, Taurus, and Sagittarius all have visible skin similar to her default form, but with bodies made of clouds, gold accents on their accessories, and stars for pupils in their eyes. Log In. Whenever she pops her face out to unleash her UFOs, several golden, steampunk-esque gears are visible, indulging the one attaching her face to the moon itself.

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Thank you though! Welcome to the Paying the Debt blog! In Simple mode, the green toy zeppelins fire only three bullets. Occasionally, a pink one will appear.

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Phase 1 "Fitting, isn't it? In Simple mode, the green toy zeppelins fire only three bullets. But the pages are all colored, and will now be

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In these phases, Hilda Berg will begin using a new attack that will temporarily turn her into a zodiac constellation, each with its unique attacks. Finally, replacing the toy zeppelins are shooting stars that fly from right to left at fluctuating speeds. This form does not appear in Simple mode. She will always use her Taurus form the first time she transforms, but the following one s are random. Hilda's wardrobe is generally simple, with a zeppelin touch. Cuphead-Sweet victory by NinjaHaku Description Appearance Hilda Berg bares a rather stylized design to her physical appearance in contrast to a few of the other females in the game. In addition, the launch will sprout a trio of homing blue stars. The Gemini twins resemble female humanoid sirens sporting bikinis, Taurus resembles a general bull with a large nose ring, and Sagittarius resembles a masculine centaur with a golden, luminescent tail.

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Battle Intro Hilda Berg is first seen sitting on a cloud when she suddenly inhales it, turning her into a zeppelin with her arms, legs, and face. In Expert mode, they also appear in the first phase and they fire five bullets with increased speed. This form is not used in Expert mode. Throughout this phase, Hilda Berg will transform into one of three constellations, which are as follows: Taurus - Hilda Berg transforms into a huge horned bull made of clouds and stars.

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In a cloud of smoke and stars, she transforms to use new attacks. In Expert mode, the line of bullets rotates faster. Once defeated, Hilda will have a dazed expression while her crescents and nose appear crippled, broken, and empty. So it turns out I had four pages left of this chapter, instead of 3 like I said on my Twitter account.

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